Modern Society is Broken. Here’s How To Fix It.

In two of my previous blog posts, I have touched on a number of important, but little-discussed topics. In Asperger’s and Me, I wrote about the unconscious biases suffered by people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, even those with “mild” autism, or what used to be termed Asperger’s Syndrome. In my last post, I challenged conventionalContinue reading “Modern Society is Broken. Here’s How To Fix It.”

“Happiness comes from within”; the worst advice ever given.

Objectively, we are living in the greatest and most prosperous age mankind has ever experienced. Quite literally, we have never had it better. Developments in transportation have made it possible to have a drink in Paris one evening and have a drink in Shanghai the next. Globalized supply chains have made cheap and affordable goodsContinue reading ““Happiness comes from within”; the worst advice ever given.”

Asperger’s and Me – An Introduction

Today’s blog post is about something very personal and close to my heart. Hopefully it makes for an engaging read as it took me a long time to write. Since I was very young, I have been very aware that I am “different” from the people around me. In my second year of primary school,Continue reading “Asperger’s and Me – An Introduction”

Wildlife in the Humber Bridge Country Park

Much of the world’s population is now under lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, if you are lucky enough to live in a country where going out for walks is allowed (in some countries, people may only go out to buy essentials), this time could be an opportunity to discover the naturalContinue reading “Wildlife in the Humber Bridge Country Park”